Darwin and the Arc of Time:
Armillary, 2010page 2 of 2back to page 1
Mixed media sculpture: steel, wood, mirror, marbles, mangrove roots and paint.
Dimensions: 3 x 2 x 2 feet

Because I grew up on the coastline of Australia I was very aware of the inpenetratable forests of mangrove trees that grow between the land and the sea. The mangroves grow air breathing roots that act as natural water filters and become a refuge and hiding place for small creatures and fish. These marvelous trees stabilize the banks of rivers and coastline, regenerate the soil and minimize damage by severe tropical storms. They are now under threat of destruction because of pressing human development along coastlines and riverbanks.

I have placed my mangrove roots both under and within a representation of an armillary sphere. The concentric circles of the armillary demonstrate the relative positions of celestial bodies to the sun. The movement of the moon around the earth regulates the ocean tides that rise and wash over the roots of the mangroves and are essential to their healthy growth.

With the enormous knowledge we have developed since Copernicus we must never forget the delicate and complex relationship we must maintain between our human desire for development and the connections we share with all species in the world.

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