Silence of the Ground, 2000Back to Installations from 2000-2004

Artist Statement

Silence of the Ground creates two parallel fragments: one a reflection on man’s destructive force on the planet and the other, a small area of protected natural environment.

To broaden my view I looked at human destruction through references to militarism, industrialization and environmental degradation. Horrific scenes of forest clear cutting, official war cemeteries and the division of land to accommodate unchecked population growth expand my notions of the devastating consequences when visualized within the context of familiar natural forms.

Nature is depicted under the threat of destruction, but by appropriating the material of the natural world and using it as an artists’ material, it involves me in close connection with my own senses and the relationship I have with the land.


Dimension: 7 x14 x 16 feet
Mixed media: willow, railway spikes,
wood chopped dogwood