Counterpoint, 2009 In collaboration with John Freeman
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Dimensions:  12 x 30 x 30 feet (dimensions variable)
Outdoor installation using the natural woods, PVC tubes, pigmented prints on polyester film, rebar and foam.

11 artists from the Americas were invited by independent curator, Pascale Beaudet to take part in the outdoor biennial symposium of the Derouin Foundation in Val-David, Quebec, titled Paths and Traces.
In this work 41 synthetic trees form a grid that is positioned in a wooded area surrounded by natural woodland and forest.Forests all over the world have been cut or even clear-cut to feed the hungry forest industry and to make more land available of agriculture and expanding urbanization. These are often hidden from public view by leaving a small forest fringe alongside roadways but these huge areas of de-forested land can be clearly visible from the air. The forestry industry attempts to replant with trees that grow quickly and will be ready to harvest again in a very short time. The trees in Counterpoint suggest quick-growing trees that can lull the casual observer into believing that this is a healthy young forest. The colours and the subtle natural gradations in pattern and tone make it feel beautiful and natural. We can be so easily lulled into this false sense of security about our shrinking global forests.
Les Jardins du Precambrien, Val David, Quebec

Les Jardins du Precambrien, Val David, Quebec
John and Lyndal  in Counterpoint 
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