Cultivated Objects, 2003

      mixed media installation    
Dimensions: 32 x 80 x 80 inches    
various natural and industrials materials, wood tables   

Walking, observing, collecting are activities which are daily rituals to inspire my artistic practice and enhance my life.

In this piece I wanted to continue my examination of the beach by creating a tide line of washed up detritus as one might see walking along sandy shorelines.  The various materials are selected for their endless repeatability and the rhythms that are created when massed together.  Some of these materials have been altered so that their original form is less recognizable.  Other materials are mundane items from our domestic environment that we almost suspend our efforts to determine what they are.

 I cannot ignore the fact that most of my life is spent on an acreage surrounded by agricultural land.  The steel trays have been used to make reference to how rural Alberta is divided into grid-like quarter sections, something we are very conscious of when viewed from the air.  The counterpoint of organic, domestic, agricultural material is one which interests me as we strive to reconcile our lives within the cultural and natural environment.