Tracing Tides: A Topographical Investigation, 2001 page 1 go to page 2
dimensions: 5 x 24 x 18 ft,   Mixed media installation; wood tables,  various natural and industrial materials

Photo: Mark Freeman

Tracing Tides; A Topographical Investigation, is another landscape, bridging two sides of the world: The Murramarang National Park on the eastern coast of N.S.W., Australia and the Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland. The rocky outcrops, sand dunes, river estuaries, rock pools, sandy and pebbly beaches were the focus of my investigation. At each low tide I would examine the high water tide lines and collect various debris as it was washed ashore. Some of the material was natural to the locale but often it was peppered with man detritus. These had their own peculiar poignancy in Newfoundland with the assortment  of lobster bands, wooden crab traps, shotgun cartridges and  discarded plastic. All reminders of a decimated fishing industry.

Photo: M N Hutchinson

Photo: M N Hutchinson
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